Integration With Other Systems

Our range of products are designed to integrate with a variety of Control Systems including Crestron, Savant, RTI, Control4 and AMX.

Making life easier

An important point when considering technology for your house is to make sure all of the systems work well together, to make life easier - not more complicated!

Integration With Other Systems - Advantages

  • Simple & easy to use
  • Create an optimum environment
  • Reduced energy & cost

Integration with You in Mind

You may have already installed, or decided to invest in, a sophisticated Lighting Control system from another manufacturer. There may be an opportunity to integrate the Hometronic system with the Lighting system so that you can, for instance, control you heating from some extra buttons on the lighting keypads. This will depend upon which system you have chosen and we're happy to speak to you about compatability.

Whole House Control

Maybe you are considering a whole-house touchscreen control system, such as Crestron, AMX, Control4, RTI or Savant to bring together all the disparate systems in your house. Using the Web or Data Interface developed by Sensible Heat, or simpler volt-free contact interfacing, it is easy for your supplier to integrate the systems controlled by the Hometronic system with other systems so they can all be viewed and adjusted from the touchscreens.

Sensible Software

To make life simple and quick during the installation phase, and also to make ongoing maintenance of the system straightforward, Sensible Heat has produced software 'drivers' for many of the popular touchscreen systems. These pre-written drivers mean that the process of commissioning the system is simplified; often data from the heating and cooling systems can be appearing on touchscreens within a couple of hours, even with a large, complex system.

We provide full technical backup to the Custom Installer, so there's no need for them to become HVAC experts!

How Can We Help?

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