Cooling Systems

These days more and more of us desire cooling in our homes. With air conditioned offices, shops and cars. Why not your home too?

Comfortable cooling

We can control most popular air conditioning systems. Just let us know which system you have in mind and we'll check compatibility.

Cooling Systems - Advantages

  • All year round comfort
  • Automatic interlock with heating

Green Options

Before considering full Air Conditioning, spare a thought for the environment and consider some other options first. Automation using Hometronic can make the green options just as effective as air conditioning under most cirumstances. As well as being much cheaper to run.

Air Conditioning & Comfort Cooling

If you have considered all the alternatives and must have Air Conditioning we can ensure two key things. Firstly, that the heating and cooling systems are not running simultaneously - a very common problem where the control systems for heating and cooling are not interlocked. Secondly, that the cooling is only running when you actually need it and not when you're away from home - unless you want it to of course!

How Can We Help?

We're happy to discuss any heating or cooling project no matter how big or small.