How We Work

We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service. From our initial site visit through to ongoing product maintenance, our customers enjoy complete peace of mind.

Complete systems - from beginning to end

We don't sell component parts for heating controls from our website for 'DIY' use. Afterall, there are already plenty of companies who offer this service if that's what you want. Sensible Heat prefers to apply a more holistic approach. 

We want to hear all about your project, perhaps review your drawings, floor plans, etc. Maybe even visit your site for a survey. Once we've fully understood your property and the HVAC services within it, we'll put together a customised proposal detailing the equipment you'll need, together with any options.

If you decide to go ahead, we can supply the equipment for your own electrician to install. We'll also supply drawings for any necessary wiring, either standard diagrams or bespoke for more complex projects.

When everything is ready, we'll attend your site to commission the system and set it up to your requirements.

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