Think radiators are just dumb devices? Think again.

Bring your radiators under control

Radiators the most common way of heating houses in the UK. With simple but effective control devices we can dramatically improve the efficiency of any radiator based heating system.

Radiators - Advantages

  • Often already installed
  • Sizeable for room volume
  • Control often retrofittable

Radiators, the Sensible approach

Many modern installations still rely on Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) for temperature control. These devices are mounted onto the radiator and usually have a dial with numbers or symbols for the user to set the temperature.

While they are cheap and widely available, they have a number of disadvantages including crude mechanical temperature regulation, manually adjusted temperature control and timed operation is impossible. 

The Sensible Way

With the unique Hometronic Radiator Controller these problems simply disappear. Each room in your house becomes an individual time and temperature zone, giving you the freedom to select the exact temperature you would like for each room to be at any particular time. 

Other advantages of the Hometronic Radiator Controller include:

  • Patented wireless technology; no new wiring to install.
  • Fits onto the valve body of your existing TRV (you unscrew the old head, and discard it – no plumbing changes.)
  • Excellent electronic temperature control, using fuzzy logic.
  • Remote-mounting temperature sensor/adjuster for boxed-in radiators or concealed valves.
  • Battery powered, min 2 year battery life.
  • Local adjustment knob, and LCD display.
  • Receives signals from the Hometronic Manager to tell the radiator what temperature is needed at a particular time and day.
  • You can have several temperature setpoints every day, such as cooler during the day and warmer in the evening.
  • You can shut down rooms to a lower temperature when not in use, for example in a guest room.
  • The boiler is automatically controlled by the Boiler Control Module. This receives wireless demand signals from the radiators, so the boiler only runs when heat is needed. You no longer need a 'bypass radiator' with no TRV fitted to dump any excess heat.

Manifold Radiators

Some new radiator installations use manifolds, where radiators are plumbed individually back to the central manifold. All control valves are mounted much like underfloor heating and have the advantage of the radiators themselves requiring no valves. 

This is particularly useful where the radiators make an architectural statement and conventional valves would detract from the overall effect.  In these cases, we utilise our underfloor heating controller and wall mounted sensors.

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