Boilers and Hot Water Systems

There are many different types and styles of boiler - but don't worry, we can control just about anything!

Comfortable living that doesn't cost the earth

Simple and effective controls to ensure your boiler operates at maximum efficiency to reduce energy, increase your comfort and save you money.

Boilers and Hot Water Systems - Advantages

  • Ability to control virtually any type of boiler
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to integrate

Boiler Systems

Most houses have a boiler to heat the rooms (space heating) and for hot water. Some larger houses have more than one boiler, perhaps one for each end of the house. Hometronic is designed to control virtually any boiler typically found in UK houses. It works on a demand-driven basis rather than on a timeclock, so the boiler system only works when you need it to.

Some modern boilers come with their own integral controls where the boiler alerts its flow temperature according to the outside temperature. This is usually no problem. Just let us know the make and model of the boiler you have chosen and we'll check for compatibility.

For more complex cases such as multiple boilers in larger properties, and alternative heat sources like Heat Pumps, we may use complementary products alongside Hometronic to produce a complete solution. If required, we can provide full commercial style control panels for the plant room.

Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems, sometimes called Domestic Hot Water or DHW systems, are used to provide hot water at your taps for dish washing, showering, etc. They can be heated by electricity, usually via an immersion heater, or as part of a Gas or Oil fired wet heating system.

Normally with a Gas/Oil fired system the simple domestic timeclock or 'programmer' allows the selection of space heating or hot water only, or both, to operate to a single set of times. Some modern timeclocks allow separate times to be set just for the hot water system, preferable when you want hot water to be available at different times to the heating.

Using Hometronic, the operation of the hot water system can be tied into the operation of the whole building, so when you're away the hot water is not running needlessly. When you have guests staying you might need the hot water to run for longer. This is easy to achieve using the 'Lifestyles' feature of Hometronic.

Hometronic is easy to integrate with Solar Heating, which is normally supplied with its own integral controls.

Electric Water Heating is also no problem, using a Hometronic Switch Module to switch the heater on and off, with a wireless connection to the Hometronic manager. Automatic changeover from Gas/Oil fired to Electric heating can also be achieved if required.

Maybe you have a DHW Secondary Circulation Pump? This is a pump which circulates the hot water around the house, providing virtually instantaneous hot water as soon as you turn on the tap. The downside of using these pumps is that they can waste energy by circulating hot water through often poorly insulated pipes all of the time. Using Hometronic, you can time the operation of the pump to suit your usage ensuring the pump only runs when it needs to.

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