Underfloor Heating

If your project is new construction or a major renovation, underfloor heating can be an efficient and visually unobtrusive solution

Warmth underfoot

Underfloor Heating systems are fast becoming the most popular form of heating for new build houses in the UK. They produce uncluttered, comfortable spaces with fewer draughts and work well in combination with energy efficient condensing boilers.

Underfloor Heating - Advantages

  • Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable space
  • Eliminates dust mites
  • Freedom of room design

Heating the Old Way

Underfloor systems produce a 'zoned' house by default due to the way they're installed. Yet, the benefits of this are rarely exploited by the simple controls usually fitted.

Each room will have one or more 'loops' of heat-emitting pipe buried in the floor, each loop being run in a serpentine pattern so as to cover the entire floor area. The two ends of each loop are connected to a Manifold, which may have an electric control valve (one for each loop) controlling the water flow.

In most systems, the electric control valve is connected to a wall-mounted thermostat, which controls the temperature in the room. Timed operation is usually provided by a timeclock, acting on the whole manifold, or perhaps centrally at the boiler, acting on the whole house. Thus it is not possible to set different rooms to different temperatures at different times of the day, or to put rooms into and out of use, other than by manual adjustment of the thermostat.

The Sensible Way

By adopting the Hometronic Underfloor Heating Controller each room can be individually controlled automatically. Times and temperatures can be set centrally and are sent automatically to the Underfloor Heating Controller (mounted next to the manifold, usually in a cupboard) via radio.

  • Wall-mounting temperature sensors (with adjustment knobs if required) communicate temperature settings for each room without wires.
  • Alternative 'Thimble' sensors may be used for sensitive applications.
  • Patented wireless technology means less wiring than conventional controls.
  • Excellent electronic temperature control using fuzzy logic.
  • Remote-mounting temperature sensor/adjuster, battery powered, min 2 year battery life.
  • Receives signals from the Hometronic Manager to tell the underfloor controller what temperature is needed at a particular time and day.
  • You can have several temperature setpoints every day. For example, your lounge can be cooler during the day and warmer in the evening.
  • You can shut down rooms to a lower temperature when not in use (e.g. Guest Rooms.)
  • Shut down the whole house when you leave at the touch of a single button, but have it warm when you arrive home (important with underfloor heating, because it responds very slowly.)

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